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Extreme winter sports are a risky activity, however, tour operators and instructors have a duty of care towards you to avoid skiing accidents and common injuries. You can take precautions such as getting a ski instructor, taking a ski lesson and getting the best equipment for the ski slopes but accidents can happen from snowboarding accidents, faulty ski equipment or even other skiers.

If tour operators or instructors in ski resorts fail in their duty of care and don’t take steps to mitigate the risk of skiing injury, then you could be in a position to make a ski injury compensation claim. Talk to us today to start the process for skiing accident compensation.

The most common types of ski accidents are caused by:

  • Dangerous skiing practices by others.
  • Poorly maintained or faulty equipment.
  • Poor instructions from ski instructors.
  • Dangerous signposting.
  • Equipment left on pistes.
  • Faulty ski lifts.

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The impact of a ski accident

Skiing injuries can be potentially life-changing. They can range from minor sprains and strains to broken bones and head injuries to major spinal injuries. It’s important you seek legal advice to understand if there is an opportunity to make a skiing injury claim and claim compensation.

If you have suffered a skiing injury through the negligence of others, even if it is a minor injury, you can make a ski accident claim with one of our skiing accident lawyers.

Making skiing accident claims

It can be daunting to start making a skiing accident claim, especially if its recent and you are still in recovery. Please be assured that our specialist solicitors are here to help and have a wealth of experience in handling cases with care and empathy. Making a skiing accident claim starts by giving your statement to a skiing accident lawyer.

Gathering evidence

At Jones Whyte, our team will listen to your statement with care and compassion. Taking your statement helps us to establish exactly what happened, who is responsible and how things could have been different if reasonable standards were met.

Generally, where possible, it will be useful to take photographs of the accident scene and the location, ensuring that you have informed all the relevant parties of the accident and when as well as what time it occurred. It will also be beneficial to obtain copies of your medical records of any treatment you have received as well as a discharge summary.  In addition to this, it will be useful to take note of the names and addresses of witnesses and enquire whether they would be happy to assist with your case.

During the claim, we will help you access medical care, such as physiotherapy, which can help your recovery from injury.

Most skiing accident claims are settled out of court. If court action is necessary, then we will be with you throughout the whole process.

When is the right time to make a skiing accident claim?

Although in Scotland normally your time limit to make a claim is up to three years, for accidents abroad it is a time limit of two years that applies. If you have suffered from a skiing accident whilst you were on holiday, it is therefore essential to act fast and obtain legal advice at an early stage.  At Jones Whyte, we understand that accidents are a stressful time, especially if it happened overseas. We have experience in dealing with skiing accident claims and will provide you with professional and approachable service, allowing you to take a step back and concentrate on getting better and continue any medical treatment required.

How long does the process take?

It is always difficult to determine how long each claim will take as every case is different. Some cases are simpler and some are more complex.

In certain circumstances, cases can be settled in less than a year whereas some can take up to a number of years. Each claim is different and there are individual circumstances surrounding them. There are also factors such as analysis of the evidence from the accident as well as the extent of the injuries sustained and even determination of liability for the accident. They all can contribute to the length of time it will take to settle the claim.

Your lawyer will communicate with you throughout the entire process, updating you on the progress of your claim and after your initial meeting they should be in a position to indicate how long it will take for your skiing accident compensation claim to settle.

How is the compensation settlement paid?

Compensation is normally paid out either via one, final payment or interim payments.

How you will receive your compensation will depend on the individual circumstances surrounding your case and whether there are certain factors satisfied.

Although one final payment is a very popular method of compensation, it is also possible to obtain interim payments.

Interim payments might be suitable for someone who is unable to work due to the injuries they have suffered as a result of the accident and have no source of income. They are however only possible if the chances of success in court proceedings are very high and if they satisfy the necessary requirements.

Once your lawyer has had an opportunity to analyse your case, they will be able to confirm with you the method of compensation you will be most likely to receive.

As mentioned above, every claim is different and therefore in order to get an idea of how much compensation you will receive, it is best to speak to a team of lawyers to obtain an indication of how much your claim will be worth.

Generally, compensation is paid out for the level of injuries you have incurred as well as any loss you may have suffered as a result of the accident.

Other travel claims

At Jones Whyte, we have experience in making all sorts of claims for injuries suffered while travelling.

These include:

All our claims are handled on a no-win no-fee basis. This means there is no risk to you when you claim. Find out more about our no-win no-fee claims service today.

If you have suffered a skiing injury, or any other type of injury while travelling abroad, our specialist solicitors will be able to help.

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