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Military Injury Claims Scotland

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Being part of the military is an inherently risky occupation. However, your employer still has a duty of care to ensure that risk is managed and kept to a minimum. If this duty is neglected, perhaps through inadequate delivery of training or inappropriate supplies of equipment, then you may be able to make a military accident claim.

Our solicitors can assist you in pursuing military injury compensation if you were hurt or if a loved one lost their life due to a military accident where safety precautions were disregarded. 

At Jones Whyte, we understand that it can be difficult to make a claim against the military, even if you have been injured as a result of negligence. After all, many who have served have an emotional attachment to the military. It simply isn’t the same as other workplaces. However, it still has the same duty of care, and if you have been let down and injured as a result, then you should consider a military accident compensation claim.

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Making a military accident claim

While the military is a unique working environment, military accident claims are treated in much the same way as other workplace accident claims.

We fully understand you may have mixed feelings about making a claim, so everything will progress at a pace you are happy with. We will keep you updated throughout the claims process, using plain English.

Military accident personal injury claims start with a meeting between yourself and one of our team. We will take your statement, which helps to establish exactly what happened, and how you have been affected.

We will then gather supporting evidence. This can include:

  • Medical reports.
  • Witness testimony.
  • Evidence of lost earnings.
  • Expert testimony.

At this point, we will inform the other side of the claim. This can help you access immediate medical care, such as physiotherapy or counseling.

It also begins the process of deciding on the appropriate level of compensation for your claim.

Military accident claims aren’t just about securing compensation. They can help you with access to medical care and improve your recovery. It can also ensure that lessons are learned so other people do not suffer the same sort of injury.

When dealing with your claim, our experienced military injury claim solicitors will take all financial aspects into your compensation settlement including:

  • Service earnings.
  • Civilian earnings.
  • Pension contributions or resettlement grant.
  • Commitment bonuses.
  • Specialist pay and allowances.
  • Service benefits, including loss of subsidised quarters and Learning Credits.

Other workplace injury claims

At Jones Whyte, we have handled many different workplace accident claims. Any industry can see accidents in the workplace. If employers neglect their duty of care to protect staff, they are open to a claim.

We have handled:

You could be eligible for compensation if you were hurt in an accident while serving in any capacity with the Army, Navy, RAF or Special Forces. If you were hurt while serving in the Army Reserve (formerly the Territorial Army), Navy Reserve or RAF Reserve, you could also file a claim.

Call us on 0330 175 1234 for a free initial consultation if you have any questions or would like to start a claim for military accident compensation. You can also complete the enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you.

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