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Adoption Lawyers

There are many reasons why you may seek to adopt a child.

Perhaps you are a step-parent who wishes to legalise their relationship, perhaps the child has been orphaned or the child is being adopted from abroad.

Whatever your particular reasons, Jones Whyte adoption solicitors can help you through the adoption process if you are interested in adopting a child in Scotland.

  • A designated specialist to assist you every step of the way
  • Competitively priced fixed fees available
  • The option to defer payments
  • Transparency in our pricing and ongoing clear communication
  • Largest Family Law team in Glasgow

This can allow you to provide a secure, stable and happy home to the child.

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The Adoption Process

The legal process of adoption is lengthy with rigorous and extensive background checks, carried out to ensure the proposed adoption is in the child’s best interests. 

When adopting you should go through an adoption agency and undertake a home study.

Our experienced adoption panel solicitors can help guide you through this process.

Adoption involves severing the child’s legal parent-child relationship with the child’s birth parents and creating a new one. 

The effects of an adoption order are equally serious, creating a new legal parent and child relationship with the adoptive parent. In all but the most extreme circumstances, once granted, the order is irrevocable and so the adopted child is treated in law as though he or she has always been the child of the adoptive parents.

Our specialist adoption lawyers can provide you with guidance and representation to minimise the stress involved with this process.

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International Adoption

Adoption is a complex process and can be highly emotional for all involved. The complexity can be increased if you are adopting from another country.

While the Scottish authorities will carry out the same checks as when you are adopting in the UK, there may be extra hurdles due to policy differences.

For example, the country you are adopting from may have rules regarding marital status, age, or sexuality that may restrict who can adopt. When adopting abroad additional costs may be considered, such as when you visit you will need to pay for travel and accommodation expenses, there might be additional administration fees, which could lead to police checks, medical assessments and interviews.

It is important to discuss this with adoption solicitors in the UK, who will be able to help make the adoption process proceed smoothly.

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Our team of adoption panel solicitors are part of the family law department at Jones Whyte, which has dealt with a wide variety of cases.

These include:

Whatever the details of your case, contact the family law team at Jones Whyte today.

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