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Child Relocation

Child Relocation, Glasgow

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Child Relocation

If parents have split up, many assume, wrongly, that one parent can emigrate with their children without the consent of the other parent.

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Can I One Parent Relocate With My Child?

This generally isn’t the case. If both parents still have parental rights, then both need to consent before the children can be taken to live in another country.

If one parent plans to move to within the UK with the children, they do not need consent. However, the other parent can apply for a court order to stop the move.

Of course, it is usually better to settle family matters without resorting to court action. Mediation and dispute resolution can be just as effective and may help to heal any rifts caused by divorce or separation.

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Relocating Without Consent

There are some cases when you will be able to relocate your children without the consent of the other parent.

For example, they may have signed away their parental rights and responsibilities. In this case, it is unlikely they would have contact with the child and would not have the right to withhold consent to a move. In cases of child abuse, the courts may remove parental rights.

In most cases, you may need a court order to move overseas if the other parent does not consent. In this case, we have specialists who can represent you.

The court will need to see that the move will:

  • Be in the best interests of the child.
  • Viewed positively by the child.

Generally, the court will look at ways the relationship can be maintained with the parent staying in Scotland.

It is important that mothers’ or fathers’ contact rights in Scotland are respected, even during relocation.

Family Law Solicitors Glasgow

At Jones Whyte, our family lawyers can help resolve relocation issues through mediation, negotiation, and court action if necessary. Our aim is to support our clients in reaching mutually beneficial child arrangements that prioritise the best interest of the child.

If you are considering relocating or if you would like to prevent the other parent from relocating with your child, reach out to our child relocation lawyers today.

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