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Financial Support On Separation, Glasgow

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A fair separation or divorce settlement can go a long way to helping the parties move on, achieve a fresh start and continue to treat each other with civility.

  • A designated specialist to assist you every step of the way
  • Competitively priced fixed fees available
  • The option to defer payments
  • Transparency in our pricing and ongoing clear communication
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Our experienced family lawyers will work to ensure your interests are protected when going through separation or divorce.

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Financial Support On Separation

Generally, Scottish courts encourage separating or divorcing couples to make a clean break, with matrimonial assets divided between them. Matrimonial assets comprise the property accumulated by both you or your partner throughout the course of your marriage. It means ongoing financial support which would tie the couple together isn’t needed, other than on rare occasions.

There are some cases when ongoing support after separation or divorce is required. Your solicitor for divorce can discuss this with you. The most common reasons for ongoing support are:

  • If you have children, child support will likely have to be paid.
  • If separation leads to a significant fall in living standards.

Finding Solicitors For Divorce Near Me

If you are going through divorce or separation, you may think “where is the nearest divorce solicitor to me?”

However, you shouldn’t limit your options based on geography. Our family law department at Jones Whyte offers several methods of communication to suit your individual circumstances. Your entire case can be dealt with virtually, or if you would prefer to meet in person, you can visit our divorce lawyers based in West George Street, Glasgow.

At Jones Whyte, our specialist divorce lawyers have helped clients all over the country, ensuring their interests are protected during separation or divorce. We have also appeared in courts across the country.

Don’t let language barriers prevent you from obtaining legal advice. Our expert family law team is fluent in Polish, Bosnian, and Croatian.

Contact the Jones Whyte Family Law Team today if you would like to seek legal advice regarding your family law matters. Our team of divorce solicitors are here to assist you, guiding you through the divorce process with simplicity and minimal stress.

A divorce lawyer is essential in supporting clients through separation, offering expert legal guidance tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. This could be for financial agreements, child contact or representing clients in court.

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Other Family Law Services

The family solicitors at Jones Whyte has worked on a wide variety of cases. Aside from working on fair divorce settlements, our team has worked and can offer other family law services such as:

Contact the family law department today to receive independent legal advice and discuss any aspects of family law. Our team are here to help you through the entire process.

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