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Updating A Will, Scotland

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It is important that every adult has a will, to give instructions about what should happen to their estate when they die.

Updating a will is equally as important, particularly as circumstances change throughout your life.

Existing Will

Our Estate Planning solicitors and consultants will be able to help you keep your will updated. Some of the main reasons for updating a will include:

  • Changing the executor.
  • Changing the address of someone named in the will e.g family members.
  • Changing the beneficiaries or the amounts they will get.
  • Removing parts that are no longer relevant.
  • Adding a specific gift in your will to a charity.

No one knows what is around the corner, so it makes sense to update your will as soon as changes need to be made even if its minor alterations. Jones Whyte wills lawyers will be able to update your will quickly, so it continues to reflect how you want your estate to be dealt with.

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How Long Do Wills Take to Settle?

You may update your will because your estate has become more complex. This could make it longer to settle your estate.

Indeed, one of the first questions clients have when writing their will is “How long do wills take to settle”?

While it depends on the complexity of your estate, it takes between six and 18 months to settle your will and wind up your estate. If the estate is spread over many different accounts, or you own assets overseas, this will take longer.

Our experienced Estate Planning lawyers and consultants will be able to give you an indication of how long your estate will take to settle when writing it up or updating existing wills.

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Other Services From Our Will Solicitors

At Jones Whyte, our experienced wills solicitors will be able to help you with all aspects of estate planning.

The services we offer include:

To deal with anything about your will and estate planning, contact Jones Whyte today.

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Our expert wills, trusts and estates solicitors can help you structure your estate in the best way to protect your wealth for the future, provide for your loved ones and minimise tax.

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