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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law offers separating couples (or others such as grandparents) a non-confrontational way of agreeing on legal and practical arrangements.

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What Is Collaborative Law Process?

Such arrangements can pertain to child-related matters or financial matters. Collaborative Law is a method of alternative dispute resolution whereby parties agree to resolve issues without going to court and with as little conflict as possible.

In order to use Collaborative Family Law, the parties involved need to instruct a Family Law Solicitor who is trained in collaborative practice. All discussions and negotiations then take place by way of a series of four-way meetings with both Solicitors and parties present.

This can be done face-to-face or online, depending upon the needs and convenience of the parties. No negotiations take place by way of written correspondence, which can sometimes inflame matters and create unnecessary animosity.

Collaborative Divorce Process

At the initial four way meeting, both parties and Solicitors sign a Participation Agreement agreeing to certain matters, including that they will not raise court proceedings during the collaborative process and will treat each other with respect.

In advance of each meeting, an agenda is prepared and, accordingly, everybody knows the issues which will be discussed at the meeting. Urgent meetings can be arranged if unforeseen or unexpected issues arise. Following each meeting, a summary of the discussions is prepared and provided to each person present.

The length of meetings can vary, but each meeting tends to last for a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes. There is, of course, no limit to the number of meetings which can be arranged, but studies reveal that four meetings tend to be average using collaborative practice.

Once matters are agreed a legal agreement is entered into and signed by both parties. This Agreement is generally registered.

How Jones Whyte Can Help You Through The Collaborative Law Process

At Jones Whyte LLP we have Solicitors who are trained in collaborative practice and have dealt with a number of collaborative cases throughout the years. Over 90% of the cases dealt with by our Solicitors have resulted in an agreement being reached without the need for further procedure. Of course, it is important to identify the matters which are appropriate for collaborative practice, and our Solicitors are experienced in that field.

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Our sympathetic team of family law solicitors will assess your circumstances and provide guidance to ensure that you take the best course of action to resolve the situation.

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A successful Collaborative Law approach generally results in matters being concluded more quickly and less expensively than court proceedings. Dealing with matters by way of collaborative practice has also proven to reduce animosity and encourage constructive discussion, whilst fostering a relationship of mutual respect. It allows parties to discuss matters openly and honestly without the fear of impending court proceedings.

If you wish to discuss any matter, please feel free to arrange an appointment or contact our Family Law Partners, Charles Brown or Cameron Shaw. Both are trained and experienced Collaborative Lawyers and members of the Family Law Association.

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The cost of the initial consultation to discuss the process will be a fixed fee, inclusive of VAT. Further costs would be discussed at that initial meeting.

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