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If you think your relationship may be coming to an end and you need help and advice, you should seek the advice of a Family Law Solicitor at the earliest opportunity.

Of course, we understand that making contact with a Solicitor is a difficult step to take and you may be at a point where no decisions have been made. However, we regularly provide advice to individuals who have not separated, but wish to be aware of their rights and obligations in the event of a potential separation.
At Jones Whyte LLP we are fully aware that everybody’s circumstances are unique to them and we pride ourselves in the manner in which we guide individuals through separation.

How can our divorce lawyers help?

When separating from your partner, whether you are married or otherwise, there are a number of matters which require attention. The most pressing of these are the arrangements for children and financial matters.

Whether you are married, cohabiting or in a civil partnership, it is important to know your rights should the relationship come to an end. It’s particularly important for cohabiting couples to know that they only have one year from the date of separation to make any financial claims. Regardless of the circumstances, early advice from experienced separation solicitors is crucial.

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We can provide you with advice regarding:-

• Fair division of assets and liabilities
• Child maintenance payments
• Spousal aliment (payments due to or by a spouse following separation)
• Re-drafting of Wills or other testamentary provisions

We have six Solicitors at Jones Whyte LLP who specialise in Family Law. All of them are well versed and highly accomplished in dealing with the issue of division of assets and liabilities. We have dealt with numerous cases with a significant spread of matrimonial property. We have dealt with various cases involving many millions of pounds worth of matrimonial assets and deal regularly with both Sheriff Court and Court of Session Actions.

We recently acted on behalf of a party who was awarded over £7 million when the other party had attempted to conceal matrimonial property. It is extremely important in situations where there is a question about secrecy and disclosure of matrimonial property that you instruct Solicitors who are experienced in tracing assets which have been hidden.

Our specialist team of Family Solicitors are well known for our innovative approach to finding the right solutions for our clients and we are dedicated to offering a superior level of client service and care.

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Our sympathetic team of family law solicitors will assess your circumstances and provide guidance to ensure that you take the best course of action to resolve the situation.

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There are various ways of attempting to resolve matters with a former partner. Our experience tells us that most people prefer to minimise any contact with courts. Court action, although necessary on some occasions, is a last resort and can be costly and create animosity. We will focus on attempting to resolve your legal issues on separation by way of negotiation wherever possible.

We also appreciate that cost is a significant concern upon separation. We are the largest Family Law team in Glasgow and our success and growth has been built on ensuring that our fees are fair, reasonable and transparent. Clients are provided with regular fees updates, certainly every month and often more regularly, and work carried out and charges are set out in a transparent manner.

It is never too early to seek advice if the prospect of separation is a real possibility for you. We can offer a fixed fee initial consultation to provide you with initial advice and assistance. If you wish to contact us, please get in touch on 0330 175 1234 or fill out the contact form and we will call you straight back.

Other family law matters

Separation or divorce can have far-reaching effects on the extended family. That’s why Jones Whyte have put together a highly experienced team of family law solicitors who can advise on:

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