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Do I Really Need a Solicitor?

October 20, 2020 News & Announcements

From buying a home to making a will, there are many times in life we need expert advice from a solicitor. But what problems can occur if someone decides to deal with a legal issue alone rather than consulting a solicitor? And why is it important to seek expert advice tailored to your needs from a professional?

Last week, Trainee Solicitor Cara Teven, took control of our to participate in #SolicitorChat, answering questions on this very subject. You can read her answers below:

When someone chooses to deal with a legal issue by themselves, often their matter will become more complex than they initially thought and they will have to instruct a solicitor at a later date anyway, but this can cause issues in terms of time bar meaning they may never be able to resolve the issue.

When engaging with a solicitor, what clients are really paying for is the benefit of the solicitor’s skills and experience. Clients can be confident that their case is in safe hands when dealing with a solicitor at Jones Whyte due to the wealth of experience within the firm.

Every client is different and every legal issue is different. It is crucial for solicitors to assess each client’s case on its individual merits and then provide advice in a way that is tailored to the client. Different clients will have different objectives e.g keeping cost down, resolving the matter quickly; so it is important to consider this when deciding a course of action in order to provide effective advice.

I would advise that whenever someone feels overwhelmed at the prospect of dealing with a legal issue alone, to contact a solicitor. Most legal issues tend to involve an emotive aspect, but some matters more so than others, such as issues involving children – by instructing a solicitor the client is able to take a step back from the emotive aspect of their case and the matter will consequently be resolved more effectively.

Instructing a solicitor isn’t necessarily as expensive as people are led to believe. are able to offer more flexible funding arrangements than the traditional fee model in certain circumstances; such as a conditional fee agreement, or as it is better known, acting for clients on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

If you are contemplating handling a legal issue by yourself, be sure to contact our expert Solicitors first. With a flexible approach to client’s needs & budgets and a number of different funding options available, including fixed fees, it might be cheaper than you think.

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