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December 15, 2023 News & Announcements

Erin Macdonald’s First Month as a Trainee at Jones Whyte

Introducing Erin Macdonald, one of our new trainee solicitors who joined the Jones Whyte team in September. This marks the final blog featuring insights from our trainees about their experiences in the first few weeks of their program.

In this blog, Erin shares how she has found her first month at Jones Whyte, detailing what she has been working on, what aspects she finds most enjoyable, and what she looks forward to most about working at Jones Whyte.

What did you get up to in your first week?

Jones Whyte organised a trainee skills week for our first week at the firm. This was a great introduction as it allowed us to work closely with each other and get to know the firm and its culture. The activities in this week consisted of mock trials, insightful talks from senior solicitors and completing a statement of account in my first day in my team.

How was your first month working at Jones Whyte?

My experience at Jones Whyte has been very welcoming and enjoyable. I would highlight the memorable moments as being how warm and friendly the team have been, coupled with the valuable opportunities I’ve had to shadow experienced solicitors.

After a month with the team, my primary focus has been to continue to build strong relationships with my team and enhance my knowledge in my specific practice area. Every day presents new complexities, and I look forward to collaborating closely with my team to navigate these.

What aspects of your work have you found most enjoyable?

One of the highlights of my initial month has been the chance to collaborate closely with my team and shadow important client meetings. These valuable learning opportunities at Jones Whyte have been complemented by a positive workplace culture that provides numerous enjoyable social opportunities.

What are you looking forward to most about working at Jones Whyte?

One of the things I am particularly looking forward to is the ample opportunities for learning and personal growth. Even in my brief time here, it is clear Jones Whyte highly values and actively supports these opportunities for its employees.

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