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Child Contact Actions – Gain Insights and Guidance from a Client’s Perspective

August 28, 2023 By Stephanie McCarron Family Law

For many clients, when they instruct a Solicitor to raise an action for child contact, it will be their first time attending court. Child contact actions are difficult emotionally and can potentially take a long time to go through court.

Many clients new to this process find it emotionally challenging and time-intensive. We recently spoke with a client in a similar situation, their insights offering valuable guidance for others considering this path.

Choosing us means choosing more than legal representation – it means opting for a supportive partner. We understand the complexities and care about your well-being and that of your child. Let our experience and shared insights empower you as you navigate this process.

Why did you choose Jones Whyte?

I started the process by searching Google for the best family lawyers in Glasgow. Jones Whyte was one of the first firms that appeared on the search engine. I read a lot of really positive reviews and decided to get in touch.

Your first step in instructing Jones Whyte was attending a consultation. How did you feel during this?

I felt that the consultation was really reassuring. We went over my case and discussed everything and what the next steps would be. I received a follow-up outlining our discussion and the next steps we would take.

What has been the most daunting part of the process prior to court action being raised?

I was really apprehensive in the beginning. I never wanted to be in a situation of arguing back and forth with my ex-partner. I had never been subject to a court action before and had no idea what to expect. It was a new experience for me.

How did you feel your Solicitor supported you through this?

My Solicitor was really helpful. Everything was explained to me well. We discussed what I would need to get together and what information I needed to provide to assist with the preparation of my case.

What part of court action has been difficult?

It has been difficult to stay hopeful. I knew there would be hurdles. At our first hearing, it was continued without a decision being made. My Solicitor explained this to me so I understood the reason why it was continued. This made it easier to stay hopeful and not think of this as a loss. At the next hearing, we received a good result and are now a step closer.

How did you feel your Solicitor supported you in this?

Before each hearing and after each hearing my Solicitor will call me to discuss matters. This is really useful if I don’t understand something. During these calls, my Solicitor has also taken the time to check on my welfare and make sure I am doing ok. It is a really difficult time and it is nice to feel supported in this way.

If you were to give advice to someone in a similar position to you what would you tell them?

I would tell them to instruct Jones Whyte. Each step of the process has been explained and even when things don’t go to plan like our hearing being continued, it is a very quick regroup and a plan of what will happen next and how we will get where we want to be.

When you are in court, the Sheriff is there to decide what is best for your child. The Sheriff will not pick sides.

It is difficult to do but you have to just relax and know that the outcome is what is best for your child. That is the only thing that matters. Your feelings toward the other party in the case are best left outside the courtroom.

Try and surround yourself with family and keep busy when you can.

Just relax and what is best for your child is what is going to happen.

I have a few personal items of my child and having these in my home keeps me focussed on why I am doing this. It keeps me going.

Jones Whyte’s Child Contact Service

“There is nothing more important than your children. Dealing with issues relating to contact with children can be exceptionally difficult following a separation when emotions are often high.  All of our Family Solicitors at Jones Whyte are aware of the effects which separation and issues surrounding your children can have on your mental health and welfare.  We have Solicitors who are also trained in trauma awareness.  We are focused on providing advice which is in the best interests of the children regardless of which party we are acting for.”

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