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Inside the “Quickie” Divorces & Will-Writing Investigation: Why Jones Whyte is right!

July 25, 2023 By Niamh Finnigan Estate Planning,Family Law

Yesterday the BBC have highlighted that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is launching an investigation into firms offering “quickie” divorces and will-writing services. The CMA have confirmed they will look into claims of misleading advertising by online divorce services and pre-paid probate plans. The investigation will also cover the issue of will-writing services, which is currently an unregulated industry in the UK. Complaints include unclear information about the services provided as well as inadequate quality of service. Overall, the investigation aims to address consumer protection concerns related to these online services and ensure compliance with existing laws and regulation.

When considering the importance of having a Will written, turning to a well-established law firm like Jones Whyte proves to be invaluable. Our experienced team tailors each Will to our client’s individual unique circumstances, ensuring a personalised and thorough approach. Jones Whyte have a specialised Estate Planning team who possess an in-depth knowledge of the intricate laws and regulations governing Wills, estates, and inheritance. At Jones Whyte, every aspect of the Will drafting process is meticulously handled, backed by a wealth of expertise and knowledge possessed by our skilled team of legal professionals. By entrusting the drafting of your Will to our capable hands, you can be confident that your final wishes will be thoughtfully crafted and legally sound, providing the utmost protection for your loved ones.

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With a thorough understanding of the ever-evolving laws and regulations surrounding Wills and estates, our professionals at Jones Whyte ensure that every document we create adheres to the latest standards. Our attention to detail and commitment to staying up-to-date with changes in legislation guarantee that your Will is robust and fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. If you leave an improperly drafted Will, it may be open to challenge. Jones Whyte, through our clear legal drafting, ensures your directions are clear, avoiding any potential disputes when you are no longer here.

Therefore, drafting a Will with Jones Whyte gives you peace of mind knowing that your final wishes will be accurately documented and upheld, safeguarding your legacy and protecting your loved ones during a challenging time. If you wish to legally protect your wishes, please contact us on 0800 292 2000 today.

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