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All I Want For Christmas is You…….. With a Pre Nup

January 4, 2020 Family Law

The festive period is a popular time for marriage proposals with couples agreeing to tie the knot and spend their lives together. Congratulations if you are one of those happy couples!

Not quite as exciting as the ring is considering the practicalities of money and property. Getting that part right at the very beginning of things is incredibly important. A is a modern day contract for many couples particularly if there are assets owned by either party before marriage.

Pre-nups may on the face of it sound unromantic and as if one party is suggesting the marriage is going to fail before it has even begun. This should not be the case. You are simply protecting yourself and your financial position, should the unexpected happen. It is carried out with the hope that it is never needed! One could say it is like an insurance policy.

Important factors need to be taken into account when drafting a pre-nup. One of these are has each party had sufficient time to take independent legal advice. Therefore if a pre-nup is entered well in advance of the wedding and the other party has had the opportunity to take legal advice, the stronger the agreement will be against any potential challenge!

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