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What Makes A Good Conveyancer?

February 22, 2022 Residential Conveyancing

is a process that takes care of the legal side of buying or selling your property and ensures that the “legal title” to the property passes from the seller to the buyer.

There are many considerations that the client ought to always bear in mind before instructing a conveyancer.

Firstly, you need to carefully think about the type of conveyancing service you actually wish to receive.  The legal service industry in relation to conveyancing has changed dramatically in the last decade and the service received may range from your traditional conveyancing service that is mostly face-to-face contact to the more cost-effective online and call centre legal service that is very much on offer these days.

The online service may suit you if your transaction is straightforward, however, you may be taking a significant risk if the property is unusual, or if something unexpected crops up – of course, the difficulty is that you will not necessarily know at the outset if a transaction is going to be straight forward or not.  You do not want to be disappointed, and you may find yourself feeling frustrated if you have opted for the online service and need to discuss and resolve complex issues around your purchase or sale.  It certainly is the case of “what you pay is what you get”, so make the right choice of which method of service delivery suits you from the word go.

In choosing the right firm for your conveyancing, word of mouth and recommendations from family and friends are often invaluable.  It is equally important to remember that you are free to make your own choice of firm, given that estate agents, mortgage brokers and lenders may all recommend their own solicitors who may be in a commercial relationship with them. So, beware…opt for the solicitor and service that suits you.

Lastly, having excellent communication with your solicitor is key. Your solicitor will no doubt have all the paperwork, however, he/she will often not visit the property themselves, and thus any information you gather must be communicated to the solicitor to aid them in filling any gaps in their knowledge of the property.  A good solicitor will talk you through the range of searches that can be carried out for you and send results/reports on these to you, highlighting any relevant information that needs to be brought to your attention.

Equally, if there is anything you need to discuss like for example, protecting a countryside view, buying close to a river, you should discuss this with your solicitor so that the appropriate search can be carried out against the land in question.

Don’t forget at Jones Whyte LLP we not only have a dynamic Residential Conveyancing Department for Scotland, but we also have a dynamic English Residential Conveyancing team and strive to give the best quality service at every level.

Whatever your situation our highly experienced Property Team at Jones Whyte can help you. Jones Whyte can work with you on a virtual basis where all communication can be carried out remotely or if you have a slightly more complicated case our team of skilled can arrange a bespoke service to suit you.

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