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The Ultimate Legal Guide for Students Becoming Tenants

September 20, 2019 General

Beyond studying and meeting copious deadlines, flat hunting is another responsibility many students face. The task of securing and thereafter living in a flat can introduce numerous concerns for students, particularly international ones unfamiliar with the laws and regulations governing tenancy in Scotland.

This guide provides a comprehensive and digestible overview of what issues students should be aware of, and their rights and obligations as tenants. Hopefully this legal guidance can alleviate students’ vexing concerns, and thus improve their flat hunting and living experiences

The preparation phase is a critical step for students knowing what they need for an effective flat search. The main issues to consider include:

The next phase is the search itself. During this process, you will be in contact with agencies and landlords and it is paramount you remain vigilant and patient. Here is a rundown of the where, who, what, and how for flat hunting:

Deposits are another crucial piece to securing a flat and are used to cover any damages the property incurs. You will pay a depositand will get back at the end of your lease, provided you have taken care of the flat. Verify the deposit is safely secured in a tenancy deposit scheme (TDS) for the duration of the tenancy. You may have to pay part of the deposit when initially securing the property. It is illegal for your landlord or agency to charge you any additional fees or premiums besides deposit and rent.

The last stage is the longest and most significant. At this point, you are a tenant with rights and obligations. Issues may arise as a tenant and you need to know your position for resolving them. The typical issues causing most concern include:

The basics of this guide should make students mindful of their position and what is expected of them as they embark on finding the right flat for them. Further information can be found on our page. So prepare, hunt, and live happily as a student this academic year, good luck!

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