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What Does It Mean To “Get A ‘Quickie’ Divorce”?

July 18, 2019 Family Law

It is common to come across media articles about celebrities getting a quick divorce andthere is certainly an increased demand for a quick divorce process from people who haven’t made the A-list.

The term “quick divorce” isn’t favoured by all. However, in Scotland, there is such a process known as Simplified Divorce procedure which, amongst other factors, was intented to speed up and simplfy the Divorce process for separated couples.

It can also be known colloquially as a “DIY Divorce”.  A Simplified divorce can be granted within six to eight weeks and this an attractive feature of the procedure.

You can use this procedure to get divorced if you meet certain criteria.  If there are no financial matters to be resolved between you and your spouse and there are no children of the marriage under the age of 16 then you can use this procedure.

In order to qualify for a simplified divorce, you must have been separated from your spouse for at least two years. If you have not been separated for two years, you will still qualify for a simplified divorce if you have been separated for at least 12 months and you have the consent of your spouse in relation to the Divorce.

If your circumstances don’t meet the above requirements, you will be unable to apply for a simplified divorce procedure and instead you will need to apply to use the Ordinary Divorce Procedure.

When applying for a , you may decide to do it yourself or seek the assistance of a family law solicitor who can guide you through the process If you decide to apply for a simplified divorce yourself, you should follow the following steps:

If you feel that you would benefit from the assistance of a family solicitor to help you with your simplified divorce, our team of specialist divorce solicitors can guide you.

You should bear in mind when submitting your application to the Court that:

If you would like to instruct one of our experienced Family Law solicitors to guide you through a Simplified Divorce, call our office today on 0141 375 1222 to discuss your case.

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